I am looking to run my Mesa Dual Rectifier and my Orange Dual Tiny Terror through my Mesa 4x12 rectifier cab.

The issue here isn't with the Dual Rec. head, it's with the tiny terror. I have two stereo inputs on the cab rated at 4 ohms each, and there is also an 8 ohm mono input. The Rectifier head has a wide variety of impedance outputs but the Tiny Terror only has one 16 ohm output and two 8 ohm outputs. The cab is rated to handle 280 watts so it certainly has the head room, I'm just not sure how to solve the impedance issue. Is there a solution that doesn't include rewiring something internally or lugging around two different cabs?

Thanks for the help.
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Wont work in its curret setup.you cant feed the terror 4ohms.

But im pretty sure when you split the cab for setero, its 4 or 16 ohms in some cases, marshall cabs are like that.

Just checkto be sure that the stereo side of the can are 4ohm and not 16