Hey guys, just wanted to share with you my newest creation, a one-off for a friend who wanted an A/B switcher. It has both active and passive modes, with a x5 volume gain on active mode, and a LDR that can be toggled into the circuit with the 'Suck' toggle control for some cool light based stuff. The LED is a red/blue bi-colour LED to indicate which channel he is on (corresponds with the knobs). Pretty happy with it to be honest, but also happy for it to be a one off! There's actually quite a lot in that little box (it's MXR sized).

As always any comments much appreciated!

More info and all the usal blah blah blah can be found
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looks good man!

not sure if the switches on the side would be a nuisance though.
Yeah, that's a really good point. They can be a bit, but generally they are OK as the output cable means there has to be a non-used area around the pedal, which the switches fall within. They are both set and forget, any other switches I'd probably mount on the top somewhere if they were going to get used much. Excellent band name by the way
Those knobs look waaaaay too tall. Box art is awesome though.
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I'll give you a description for now though! It uses a TL072 op-amp for the preamp, which is set up for ~5x gain on each channel, and is dead quiet. The bottom switch is a 4PDT which takes the active circuitary completly out of the signal path for both channels before the footswitch. The footswitch is obviously wired to switch channels, shunting the other to ground, and the 3rd set of poles is wired to connect either of the bi-colour LED's cathodes to ground. The other toggle is just a DPDT which takes out the LDR. The LDR is the last thing before the output jack. The LDR has a resistance of ~20M in total darkness, around 50-100K at 10 lux, so works OK in most lighting conditions, but by nature is limited on a really, really dark stage. The LDR is more of a fun addition as I had a cm2 of space left
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damn. i think you make the nicest pedals on this forum. So professional looking! (even if the pedals seem mostly useless to me ! ) keep up the good work!!


Haha yeah they are probably a bit specific for most tastes! They do tend to be fun pedals, but not anything that really sculpts your sound! I'm starting to look into a few neat ideas over the next few months though.