Hey I'm thinking of buying an amp for vocal recording, i currently have a saffire pro, I don't do scream or stuff like that, (also has to be good at recording acoustic guitar)
My budget is about €200 - €300
I'd recommend an sE2200a Large Diaphragm Condenser. Large Diaphragm Mics will give a brilliant large and warm feel to your vocals and the sE is probably the best budget model. Some people will recommend using a SM57 or 58 but those tend to give thinner sounds and, at least in my opinion, are more suited to live performance.
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yeah get a LDC, much better sound and great for acoustic guitar!

I'd suggest a Rode NT2-A (only because i've used them before and know they are good) but there are plenty of options really.
With your budget I would rather go for the sE2200a II
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Whatever you can afford by Rode. I live in Australia and Rode is a little cheaper here, so I'm not sure which is within your budget. Just make sure it has a fairly large diaphragm.