Hi, I know virtually nothing about the hardware of guitars. I've got a 10yr old squire strat. It's producing a really weak sound. Not in terms of volume but... I dunno the term, it's just not sustained... it sounds 'thin'. E.g. if I put my pedal's distortion on max, it sounds like i've got it on a really low setting when I play with this guitar.

Obviously I've tested the amp and pedals with other guitars and they're fine.

I'm considering taking it to be repaired (even though it's 10yrs old and a squire) but any ideas what the actual problem might be?
I had a similar problem with mine and it was the pickup selector switch.
Sounds like there might be dust or something interfering with the connections in the selector switch. I'd take off the pickguard, and check for any general loose connections. If you can't find anything get a can of compressed air and shoot it into the connector slot while working the switch back and forth.
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I also have a 11 year old squire strat..i never liked it because it was thin sounding. i put a loaded fender standard strat pickguard and love it now
Squiers are usually made with 500K pots for some reason, which probably explains the thin sounding tone. Take them out and put in some Fender 250 K's and you'll notice a major difference in the sound and tone of the guitar. I have a Squier Standard Strat which I did that to and now, it sounds great.