I have a Tye-Ger brand guitar now (cheap starter pack). Looking for something a little better. Will be getting mustang 1 amp so that is cool (I am beginner). Since I continue to read that Epi LP100 are junk, I might save more money for a higher end Epi LP. But the guitar I have now BLOWS.
So, my interest has turned to the Epi G series (310 or 400). I like the sound from what I hear on youtube.
But I also keep seeing certain brands pop up too. Ibanez, LTD, etc. My goal is mot to play metal, but more alt rock, I don't know but more White Stripes or Black Keys sounding.

Does anyone have advice for a lower budget $300 used?

Also, generally speaking, would you entertain the thought of buying a "manufacturer refurbished" item from ebay? Trust ebay in general. I check CL often too.

Looking for suggestions to go into store and try out. Thanks all!
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ESP guitars are good, but you should also check out various other models such as ibanez, schecter etc. But remember that the guitar sound you hear on Youtube is depending on the amps they are using. So a shitty guitar may sound good/better on a great amp and the other way around. So my suggestion would be to take a trip down to a guitar store and try different guitars. Remember that when buying a guitar it is very important that it feels good to play for you, and this is different for person to person... So even if someone thinks that a certain model would be ideal for you, you might not like the feel of the neck or something. So try out lots of guitars
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Looking for suggestions to go into store and try out. Thanks all!

Go into your local mega guitar store (or the best you can get to) and just say you've got so much money and want to try things out, it's what i always tend to do...