I liked it, it sounded a bit awkward though. The vocals weren't very convincing, almost like you were reading, I had that problem to, just had to rehearse and get in the zone first, maybe try warming up a bit more first and/or shooting some lemon juice.

The riff was good, had a groove feel I wasn't expecting for "power metal", it gets repetitive though, maybe try leaving some breaks in there during the verse, add a little silence to change things up. I liked the solos.

It sounds like you spent some time on the lyrics, did some research, although it sounds like its most quoting and working it into the song, not my thing, but I think it works here.

All in all, very good sound quality, the mix might sounds a bit flat to me though, maybe get a friend to do a mix for you (I don't know if you miz it yourself).

Crit back if you please, my song has a similar theme (about Morgoth, first dark lord of middle-earth). https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1519538
thank you for the reply - vocals are again a struggle for me so I just have to try and do the best I can!

I tried not to go off on too many different tangents on this songs - I tried to keep it very simple and locked in the same groove throughout

I did the mix myself again though its a bit trial and error so hopefully that side of things will also improve in the future