As the title has concerned, i have an ibanez rg 1570 prestige, mine is made in Japan.
Should i trade it for a gibson les paul studio?
please help me, i want to hear everyone's before making my final decision.
im really happy if you share your own experience about those.
thanks world!

sry if my language is not good, im not native english!
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I'd say no. The RG1570 is a fine guitar and you'll feel limited when you move to the Les Paul (less pickup options, no floating trem, less frets). Keep the Prestige.
No, they're both pretty great guitars but the ibanez has just a few more features that make it more worthwhile. (this is coming from someone who owns an LP Studio)
Do you want a metal/shred guitar or a rock guitar?

Don't know much about the Ibanez Prestige prices where you live, but here they cost more than a Les Paul Studio.
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For a studio, i would say no. You will find it more restrictive to play and for shredding, it wont be as good.

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Do you like your Ibanez? Is it comfortable to you? Will you be comfortable playing on the Gibson?
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How to decide? Choose the one with the neck that fits better in your hand, has the better tone etc.
My choice would be the LP cause of the neck (i have small hands so a nice fat neck suits me).
Also wach out for anny flaws and if u have a chance get some money in the trade cause the ibanez is deffinetly a more expensive guitar and worth more than the LP.
I would stick with the ibanez myself, I've had three different les pauls and haven't really liked any of them. Great sound but just not impressed by the rest of the guitar, I think they're over priced myself.
Keep the Ibeenhad and just buy the Gibson. No more worry about missing the guitar.

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They're two completely different guitars. So i can't comment.
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