I just got a new job a month ago and with all the bills of moving the paychecks aren't coming fast enough.

That and adding into it the fact that i'm at work most of the day and have very little time to play i'm debating on maybe trading for something that i don't mind beating up on a bit. This guitar is just WAY too nice and every time i pick it up i get worried that i will scratch it or somehow damage it.

I'm still not sure if i should be keeping this or not but if you want to send me some trade options for something that's a bit of a step down and maybe some cash that would help.

Will consider straight up trades as well.

This is a BC Rich Custom Shop Mockingbird. Signed by Bernie Rico Jr. Seems to be all stock since it came out of the factory. Including the seymour duncan pickup. Dates to 2002 according to the guys on the forum right before JR left.

Some things i'm interested in are: PRS, Edwards, Other Lp type guitars (+cash), Flying V's (Gibson style), will also consider other trades. Looking for mostly LP style guitars +cash (unless it's super nice.)

Trade Value 1750

Willing to sell for 1500 cash.