Mainly looking for a drummer first. But would also need a vocalist.
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Madnotez hey dude I talked to you before. We were supposed to collab but it never fell through. I am looking to get back into playing more and need an excuse to record some tracks so il jam with you. The tracks in my profile are mostly thrashy and metalcore type stuff but I do know how to play death metal. I am good at blasting and doing the crazy all over the place shit if you want that or if you are looking to just do the standard Cannibal Corpse stuff I can throw it down either way. Let me know how you wanna do this. I could either record a drum track and send it to you to play over, or you can record a guitar track and send it to me to play over.

Well I dont have any specific style set in stone, however I would like it to be pretty tech because I already play in a band that covers everything else. Can still be heavy but want all over the place type of drums.