Ok, after doing a short bit of Tangerine, I took on the whole song.


A few notes:
- I do not have an electric at my apartment so the solo was done on an acoustic through a fuzz pedal. Because my acoustic isn't the best, I had to play the solo an octave down (not much sustain when I play past the 12th fret)
- I don't have my drums either so I played them (along with the bass) on my keyboard through Reason 4...did the best I could
- I didn't use any tab...played by ear so there may be a few differences (especially in the outro, just kind of fiddled around)

Looking for any kind of feedback. I'd like to do another song off III, any suggestions?

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Hey man, Overall id have to say that was a solid cover. Your voice sounds good and the instrumentation is fairly well done, although having a proper electric for the lead guitar would make a huge difference next time. The bass and drums were done well given you used your keyboard to record them. My only suggestion outside of having a proper lead guitar would be to lower the volume on the lead during the chorus. It might just be me but it didnt sound quite right. Either way you did a good job!If you only have an acoustic it might be hard to do a lot of the songs on Zeppelin III. Thats The Way, or Bron-Y-Aur Stomp are probably your best choices

My only feedback is to use youtube to post songs.. I would much rather see a video and song, then just song by itself....