I recently acquired a strat body from Warmoth. I want to put a 24 fret Kramer style neck on it. I took it to a shop to see if it was possible. It seemed to fit but but the only problem was when the guy measured it, the twelfth fret to the bridge was slightly longer than the twelfth fret to the nut. Is it possible to trim off the end to make it fit or should I just give in to buying a totally new neck?
Warmoth 24 fret bodies are only compatible with warmoth 24 fret necks, not other 24 fret necks. Make sure that your warmoth body is a 24 fret body and not the normal body. If it normal you will only be able to fit 21/22 fret necks. All strat sized necks should fit that have 21/22 frets. So you won't need a warmoth neck.