I currently have a Peavey Valveking 112 and i absolutely hate it. I cant get one good sounding tone from of it (ive tried modding the circuit board, running a tubescreamer, 5 band and 15 band EQ, changing the speaker) i hate it. So its time to upgrade!

My problem is my band i'm in decided that we arent gonna play hard rock and stuff anymore and go for a more alternative/indie rock type sound. So i need an amp that will be good for a crunchy type tone (think new Relient K, The Killers, etc) but i'd also like to have an amp that can do metal too cause thats what i jam out too.

I was thinking of an Orange Thunderverb or a Marshall JVM. Any opinions on those amp choices or recommendations for a different amp that might suit my tastes??
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If you like the orange i thinkyou could go for a laney klipp or laney sound. they are maybe a bit hard to find cause i think they are out of production now, but they sound absolutely awesome and are cheap too.
Splawn Quickrod if you fancy EL34's
Splawn Pro Mod if you fany KT88's
Splawn Nitro if you want to knock everybody on their ass.

i have a pro mod and nitro.

i wouldn't mind having a thunderverb.
a two channel Dual Rec could do both of what you are looking for
a mark IV/V would do that too.
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