Hello !

I'm try to do the intro of Fade to black (part kirk), and I want your opinion on the small part arpeggio, you see which?

I want to know what you think, if this is too much / too slow, bad / good .. etc...

here the link : http://soundcloud.com/newborn-2/fade-to-black-intro

"Sans la musique, la vie serait une erreur" Nietzsche
It's a little slow, and your delay is a little too loud.

Set your metronome to 116 bpm, and play the arpeggio in 16th notes (the first two notes start on the previous phrase. Listen to it well and it should go fine)

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Seriously ? Sh** ... I don't know why but I'm happy ... it was hard to reach this tempo!

"Sans la musique, la vie serait une erreur" Nietzsche
You're sounding really good. I'd add a little more mids to your tone; it sounds a little sharp and trebly to me. Besides that, it sounds just fine.

Question - are you sweeping or alternate picking that? It sounds like you're alternate picking it, which is totally fine (it's actually how Kirk plays it), though it's a good passage to practice economy/sweeping for players new to that technique.
The first soundcloud file (too slow) has a Eruption'preset (van halen) tone.

The second file has a Master of Puppet preset tone. --->podfarm 2
I didn't find a fade to black preset ^^

I didn't sweep, all was alternate picking but maybe I'm gonna do it with sweep ^^
"Sans la musique, la vie serait une erreur" Nietzsche
The arpeggios are fine althoug the 10th tone should be a B not an A. The A after the bend needs vibrato very bad. The whole arpeggio passage is worthless without it. You want to concentrate your ambition on these notes around the bending, thats what saperates the good players from the bad.
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Yes I know that, but the advice here was about the arppegios part (just about speed etc...).

I didn't want to remake a 3th record just to fix the bend/vibrato : I used to do it correctly, but here was just a little mistake ! ^^

But thank you for the advice Facecut.
"Sans la musique, la vie serait une erreur" Nietzsche