hi im kinda dont know wich of those amps to buy... a new 6262 or a used jcm 800/900... i heard the 900 was much worse than the 800 but the 800 only has 1 channel... and i want to have like 2 channels because for songs with cleans and overdriven parts i want to be able to switch from clean to overdrive.

and any thoughts on : the combo version of 800/900 and the 50w version? and would a tubescreamer / overdrive pedal be nice with the 800 so i can have 2 channels? and can the 800 still be clean on gigging volumes or does it start to break up.

i play mostly metallica btw. and other hard rock, heavy metal stuff

both amps cost about the same (new 6262 and used 800/900)
i'd go for the jcm 800 with a boost pedal... turn the pedal off and roll down your volume knob for the clean parts.

I have a bugera 6262... and they're ok.. but... they're ok, not good, not great, not pretty nice... they're ok :p

might be a bit of preference here though, im more into a bit smoother tones.. i dont really like the distortion/overdrive form the bugera, the cleans are quite nice.
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jcm800 2205's have great cleans, they have a clean and overdrive channel so you can switch between the 2, I also use an overdrive pedal as well as the normal overdrive to boost it a little. There's a lot of hate on here for them but I've gigged with mine for years and it's been a great amp.
The 2205/2210 overdrive channel bleeds into the clean channel unmodded.

Boosted 2203s are killer and pickup switching and guitar knobs are your friend.
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Check out the Jet City JCA50h/JCA100h, not sure how much they are though...

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Call me cooky, call me crazy but a Bugera 6262 is an extremely fine amp. Save yourself some money and go with the 6262...then in the future if you want to expand your collection go with an 800.

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Quote by Ih5g
i'd go for the jcm 800 with a boost pedal... turn the pedal off and roll down your volume knob for the clean parts.


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