This is the first song I've started to write since September or October and before that it's been two years since I actually wrote something, so bear with me.

Good start?

Bad start?

Not used to doing stuff in 6/8, mostly stick to 4/4 so it's kinda tricky for me to work with this.
I personally think it's very generic. The intro isn't repeat-friendly at all, you need to change the riff up a bit instead of just going down the scale. Knowing which way you go just makes the track predictable and boring. The bass breakdown was too long in my opinion, maybe shorten it to 2-4 bars? The next riff is a bit better, but it's still pretty generic and predictable.

You should listen to some music out of your comfort zone to get more ideas! You obviously know enough about metalcore to write it, but try to incorporate other styles to make your music unique.

Good luck!

If possible, would you mind giving me a critique?: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1519360
Pretty good, but indeed quite generic. I personally would have tried spicing it up more. For instance, last riff, I would have done some fast-note scale shred bit to replace the last few notes, which is mixing in different styles. You could even try some death metal-ish blastbeat if you do it right, or some blues-ish solo bit. Experiment!
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