Memory lane

The car crash of our lives it seems
was but a blessing in disguise.
On that warm summers eve
amongst the dead we lay as
the years of our lives they past us by.
Never knowing we had already died.
On our trip down memory lane.

True to you I had always been.
Even as you held no touch for me
but at the end of time It's clear to see that
you and me, it was just never meant to be.
On our trip down memory lane.

Sometimes even the angles fall.
Only to rise up once more reborn.
From the darkest depths of our soul,
where reality, she comes back for us all.
On our trip down memory lane.

Even blue skies and sunshine
couldn't bring warmth to your heart.
Looks like for you the ice is here to stay
as tomorrow becomes today and these
lonely days just slip away I ask you
can time heal the wounds of the dead?
To be reborn and be led by the angles
once more to the end of memory lane.