I've been writing for a while now, at least twenty years, and have gotten really good at writing simple, straightforward lyrics. However, I need to start writing better lyrics--like abstract ones. This is an example of 'better':
(Sorry about the cell phone pop up, please just x it out so you can read the lyrics).
I think this song is so beautifully written, and I wrote it up for my friend alongside a song I wrote (I didn't tell her which one I wrote) and she liked this one better because it was more 'abstract'. I know the guy who writes it says his song writing process starts with a lot of drugs and alcohol. I'd rather not do that...
Does anyone have any advice? I'm really disappointed with myself right now and feel like my whole life is a waste...just saying haha
*In the link, the tenth line is wrong. It's 'You're a sinner but the devil even turned you down*
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Don't take everything too literally and think outside the box. Try to be descriptive ("Fragile words like these will cut your tongue", Fragile like glass. "And every slow-lit cigarette that nervous hands can barely get the courage", descriptive). I don't know if this will be helpful or not, but it works for me.
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Metaphors, similes, personification and so on, contrast and yeah
think outside the box
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