I have 100 dollars and need an amp. What's the best I could get for 100 dollars. I have no idea when it comes to amps and wouldn't know what to get.
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id go with a used peavey vypyr and with the rest buy a new 10 inch speaker for it.
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save up and buy something worth buying. even used, 100 bucks wont get you much if you need to have something buy a cheap usb interface (lexicon alpha is cheap) for your computer and download free vst plugins. or get the Irig or peavey ampkit link for your iphone/ipod if you have one.

all of those will suffice for practice and sound better than any amp for 100 bucks.

but if you MUST spend 100 bucks on an amp i suggest the fender mustang if you can find one. they are decent little practice amps.

EDIT: too bad your not up a bit more north in PA id practically give u my ibanez tb50
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Peavey Vypyr is exactly what you're looking for.
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Otherwise try to find someone with a Vypyr 30 and offer them $100 for it.
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Quote by romeozdistress
id go with a used peavey vypyr and with the rest buy a new 10 inch speaker for it.

Best choice ^
i'd go for the used 15 watter myself.
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Peavy Vyper 15w. I own one an I love everything it has to offer, I even got a decent PWD sound on mine after messing with it for hours on end.
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You could get a Roland CUBE-15XL 15W for 100 brand new or find the 20W cube used for the same price. That said, you could even get the microcube. It's a great sounding little amp and for purely hobbyist home-use and for fun to play around, it's a blast. I love that little thing and the metal tones from it are surprisingly good. I've never personally used the larger 15W and 20W cubes but if they're anything like the microcube in a larger package, they're winners. Other than that, you can find Peavey 30 watt vypers used in your price range or the 15 watt brand new.

Also (puts up flame shield) a Spider isn't too bad in this price range. They get a lot of unwarranted crap from people who get them thinking they're gonna be something they we're never meant to be. They're practice amps and, for what they're worth, are just as good as anything else in the price range. I've got a 30 watt Spider III as my practice bedroom amp and leave the serious stuff for the 5150 in my basement. Nothing wrong with Spiders IMHO as long as you know their purpose. For general messing around and fun, you want versatility and effects to play around with and the Spiders and Vypers have those for your all your needs along with some decent tones and sound output.
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