Hi All,

I haven't been playing guitar long. I have a book that shows where to strum along with the music so I stay in time. This I get and seem to learn fairly quick.

Aside from this book Im a bit frustrated. Ive found a number of tabs/cords for songs I like, but I cant figure out the whole timing thing.

First I try to figure out the tempo. Then with the tabs printed and pencil in hand. I play the original song trying to figure out each measure. Playing the song over and over and over and over (-:l

I would think there has too be a better way (-: All tips highly appreciated.
The problem with knowing only tabs in you miss the note values and thus can change a passage pretty significantly. But not worries, its how I started too. (I learned Enter Sandman in a similiar fashion to what you are doing) now. My best advice would be buy a cheap music theory book and learn note values. You dont necessarily have to learn how to read sheet music, but just be aware of what notes mean. When I read tab I constantly check the sheet music portion to see the rhythm of the notes. I can also read sheet music now, but I prefer tab because I can read it faster. The bottom line is you need to know what an 8th note, 16th note, triplet etc looks and sounds like to read any kind of music effectively. That or, if you despise the idea of learning ntoe values, get a program like Guitar Pro where it reads the tabs to you (I would HIGHLY suggest against it however, musicians need to know timing).