You've got a solid ballad chord progression goin. Just gets a little repetative.

Id say cut the verse in half. Its def too long.
Maybe add more rythm in the intro. Getting the bass to arpeggiate chords in a cool rythm will brighten up your peice, or just a fill every couple bars. Or you could start off with the bass line you got that change after 4 bars.

In general just add more varriation and maybe cut bars back a bit. Make bass more interesting.

A good time to add varriation is to play the make the 4th bar of a phrase a little bit diff like change one rythm or something. Then make the 8th bar completely different.

Diff style but crit mine?
Taken on board what was said.
Didn't change it alot though. Shortened the verse minus the long one at the end with the distortion guitars.

Changed the bassline to a still simple but more varied.
Added more rhythm to the beginning.
Acoustic C&T.zip
Sounds a lot better. Its a lot more interesting to listen to now. Still could use a few more drum fills maybe.

The last chorus could use varriation on 2nd repeat. Add lead guitar, change bass line or drum part. Something like that. Other than that soundin good. Sure it will be a great song once you get some vocals.
No crit from me until you C4C me for your other upload .
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