A very much so Dream Theater inspired song I've been working on for...Well, a few weeks now by this point. lol

Right now it's still MIDI/GP5 RSE because I just got my new computer (finally!) which is actually capable of audio production and I'm still putting my music programs on it, but I think for MIDI/RSE it sounds decent enough. lol

I did make a post about this song a couple of weeks back asking where people thought it should go, and this is the final product, minus a keyboard solo. ;P

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the instrument in the background in the beginning throws me off. The feels of the piano and it clash in my ears. once it comes in fully at about 1:15, its fine. Before then, I say it should be edited out. Other than that, this is completely legit. I love it. Jamming to it over here.
Sounds pretty sweet, stoked to here it with real instruments.
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