i am able to do stairway, dust, classical gas, babe, under bridge. I dont know where to go for the next step of songs. I like the sound of spanish guitar but i dont know any songs other than malaguena and romanza aidez-moi!!!!
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dust in the wind?
I'm pretty sure that's what he meant by "dust".... Now you try one. What did he mean by "stairway"?
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You can always try some Tommy Emmanuel stuff, like his Beatles Medley or Waiting For A Plane. If you like more classical guitar, I'd suggest Capricho Arabe by F. Tarrega or Sons de Carrilhões by João Pernambuco.
everybody hurts by REM

you might not be ready for it though
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Road Trippin- RHCP
Dont Think Twice Its Alright- Bob Dylan
Landslide- Fleetwood Mac
Blackbird- Beatles
nothing else matters-metallica
broken - seether.
hunger strike - temple of the dog.
enough to keep you busy for a while?