I'm assuming that it's okay to post this here since the drum forum is for, well you know, real drummers. I was wondering what a decent drum program is for the computer. I don't know much about drum programs, but I'm looking for something that's quite diverse that I can use for everything from my bluesier stuff to my more harder rock stuff. Any advice would be great.
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Toontrack Drumkit From Hell!
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Check your local communtiy centre, they usually run some good programs with experienced instructors there.
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Check your local communtiy centre, they usually run some good programs with experienced instructors there.

I usually just program drums with FL Studio if I'm writing non-electronic stuff. Works quite well, and you have total freedom. I heard Drumkit From Hell is pretty decent too. Never used it myself, though.
If you have the money Native Instruments Battery 3 is the best imho.


Rent some studio time and go in with a drumset (you can rent) and hit each piece in different ways to get different velocities and sample from that. Load into sampler and boom there you go.
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Superior Drummer 2.

It's made by the same people as Drumkit from Hell, but renders that obsolete.

Definitely diverse, also. I mainly use it for metal, but love its softer, roomier, more dynamic sounds.
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Strike Is amazing. cant get any better then that.

But unfortunately you do need Pro Tools
BFD and BFD 2 with FXpansion.. They're quite expensive but I know you know where to get it..
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mDrummer is nice if you don't mind getting down and dirty with a bit of EQ and compression.

It also has a free version, if you are poor in money but rich in conscience like I am.
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theres a thread full of them stickies int the R&R forum


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Superior Drummer 2.0 and the other various Toontrack expansions. I use them and couldn't be happier!
There's also Steven Slate 4.0 and Addictive Drums, but I haven't tried either of those for myself