Trying to get this idea of tone out of my guitar.

I have a VOX AC30VR and a Fender American Standard Strat. If you can also help me out with which pickup to use for the tone, that'd be great!

Here's a few of songs.

This is the kind of overdrive, it doesn't seem like too much (listen for the guitar solo at around 1:40).

Also in this Arctic Monkeys song, the lead guitar's kind of overdrive. And the rhythm guitars kind of clean which sounds a lot more warmer.

Then in this Kooks song, wait until the song actually gets into it (wait for the chorus) and listen to the rhythm +lead guitar.

Finally... here's a sexy clean from an awesome 70's funk band "The Average White Band". This is the kind of clean I'd like.

I know most of hese bands use Strats, just not certain which pickup I should use to find the optimal tone.

Any help at all is appreciated. Really having trouble finding these tones

EDIT: If you are going to say where to set the knobs on the amp, can you please say it like put the treble at nine o'clock since my VOX doesnt use numbers, haha
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You're basically looking to get Fender tones out of a Vox. Not the easiest thing to do. You could use a tubescreamer ass a boost and roll the tone off quite a bit. Otherwise try rolling the mids back a bit and see if it smooths things out.

Or... Buy a Fender amp
Love Settle for a draw, such a good song.

Why dont you experiment? Use your ears and play around with the settings on your guitar and amp. Its the best way to become able to dial in the tone you want.
Well theres a tone cut system on the ac30vr, I could probably try and make it sound like a fender. Whats the basic idea I need to do? Add more treb, use the tone cut (which can either give higher freq's or lower on your needs).. etc?
It's really simple, its just a treble and bass boost with a really pussy amount of distortion and a bit of reverb (honestly the thing that will make the biggest difference is low distortion, yes boosting treble and bass a little, treble more than bass, and scooping the mids a bit will help, but its mostly about distortion saturation)