Hi there!

My English is not so good so I couldn't find the correct words to search the forum for my question. Please forgive.

I'm a newbie and a lefty. So I bought a GRG170DXL approx 2 months ago. This is my first guitar so I'm fussing (fuss? i hope this is the correct word).

There was an annoying string buzz on the 6th (low E) and 5th (A) strings. I've read a lot of articles about neck warping, string action, truss rod etc. and decided to measure the key values on my guitar. My guitar's user manual says:
About intonation: For all strings, 0th fret tone, 12th fret tone and 12th fret harmonics must be exactly the same.
About action: Distance between 14th fret, must be 1.7mm for 1st and 2.3mm for 6th string.
About neck bow: Distance between 8th fret and for all strings must be 0.4mm while pushing down 1st and 24th frets.

Intonation is always OK. I measured all the the other values last night with a caliper. Action was OK for 1st but not for 6th string (It was 1.7mm too). So, I adjusted string height via allen screws by loosening on the bridge. Tross rod was not OK so I loosened my neck a bit via it's allen screw.

Now all the values are matched and there's a little bit string buzz. It's now acceptable I think but it was a lot annoying before. Also, my neck does not seem twisted or something like that. But I saw that there're 4 screws backside of the gitar at neck joint. They seems strange to me. I cannot describe them with words, so I attached a drawing.
NOTE: I don't know that screws are loosened or not. Also, I couldn't remember how they (and their angle) were before adjustments.

The question is this: Are that screws a warning about neck warping? Or do they tell us that neck will be warped soon?

Sorry for the long post, but I cannot describe that otherwise.

Thanks in advance.
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those screws are holding the neck to the guitar to dont mess with them especially with the strings on

and by mess with them i mean loosen them you can damage the necl like that but if they arent tight(if they are loose) they should be tightened

i hope this was easy to understand and good luck
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It could be possible that the screws ln the bass side have loosened up a little bit causong the neck to not sit properly in the neck joint. If that was my guitar, I would very carefully without much force at all try to tighten the screws on the bass side to see if they are loose.
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