So yesterday I just discovered Myrath, who I would describe as a Symphony X influenced Oriental metal band, and I'm in love. I've also listened to Shpongle and really enjoy what they do. So, does anyone have any recommendations based on these bands? What about straight-up Eastern style music? I really dig this sound.

For oriental you might want to try out Yoshida Kyoudai (Yoshida Brothers). They incorporate shamisen (traditional Japanese string instruments) with modern instruments, makes for a pretty cool sound imo.
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Theres a lot of cool stuff out there. I discovered an iranian psychedelic band called kourosh from pre revolution iran, galatic caravan is cool as well. Listen to pandora an you'll find lot of stuff youll dig.
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I love this album by a jazz sax player named Yuseef Lateef called "Eastern Sounds". There's also Dhafer Youssef, an oud player. Anouar Brahem, too.