When it comes to jazz, blues, latin etc.. I'm not the expert in knowing which artists are good in the category. I know basic ones like Eric Clapton and Miles Davis etc, but.. yeah.

Anyway, I need to know some easy/intermediate songs on jazz or blues that a band could play.

The instruments are: one guitar, one bass guitar, one drummer/percussionist, a piano and some vocals. We could also use another percussionist if needed.

I've looked at George Benson (Breezin, and some other songs) but I don't think that'd be easy enough to conquer. There doesn't have to be vocals.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks

EDIT: OH right, and there will need to be tabs for the song/piece! Because I've tried many pieces but they don't have any tabs
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Blue Bossa is a good one, quite easy to improvise over. Nature Boy by George Benson is quite simple and a good one to play.
Old standards like The Girl From Ipanema & Fly me to the Moon are always good