Actually I've had both for a little while now. I just don't like to jump in until I've had a chance to actually give the guitar a good workout.

Anyway, the two new ones are the Epi LP Custom and a sort of hybrid Jackson, it's a PS4 body and DK-2 neck. The other two in the last one I've had for some time now.

The Epi is built well. The only flaw I see is a cosmetic one and really hard to see. Where the binding from the neck and headstock meet on the right side of the headstock, the binding isn't quite uniform. You can see where it's missing a little. Other than that, everything works as it should. The guitar seems fairly solid. The only issue was the pickups. Like most stock no name pickups to my ears, they sound muffled. Like there is a blanket over the speaker. They weren't bad, but had no real character or any rich sound to them. Just so so. I went ahead and put an Alnico II Pro in the bridge. Now it sounds a lot better, it's not harsh or fizzy sounding. Plus, the Alnico II magnet isn't as pronounced in the bass, so it doesn't sound overly warm in the guitar either. I haven't got around to replacing the neck pickup yet, I've got a SD '59 around but I've yet to put it in. I need to solder a gold cover onto it.

The Jackson is a great guitar for me. I really initially wanted a HSH setup, but I saw a DK-2 for a really good price. But after some emails I ended up with the PS4 body and the DK-2 neck. I got the pickup configuration I wanted with the neck I liked better. The neck isn't overly thin either. Both the guitar body and neck were made in Japan. The licensed FR on the guitar keeps it in tune really well too. It came with an EMG SA in the middle, so I put dual 81's in it. I've got a Washburn with dual 85s, so this guitar was to sort of complement to that one. It's more of a lead instrument, which is what I was going for with this. It seems really well made, both the body and neck are a bit older, the body would have to be a late 90's or so due to it being Japanese made and the neck is off of a circa 2003 Dinky. So it's kind of a cool hybrid of two guitars I really like.

Now I'm really happy with my guitars, I've got exactly what I need to create the sounds I want. Each guitar is very different than from the others. So I can do a lot with what I've got. I'm actually really impressed with the Chinese Epi. It's no Gibson though. Gibsons just resonate more and are built a lot better, but I didn't expect the Epi to live up to that. I just wanted an LP and I like the Custom look. I figure until I'm teaching, I can live without a Gibson. It's about what you do with it anyway. And I really couldn't see spending over 2Gs on a guitar since I don't gig anymore.

There are pictures of my two new ones and a shot of all 4 here.
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