Just been thinking about whether a slide would sound any good with a bass? So if any of you have tried it, let me know your experience of it, and if not, then whether you think it could work and sound good?
if I had any use for it, I'd tune DADA (or C#G#C#G#) and just mess about until something worked.

your low 2 strings are going to be muddy as all hell if you're not careful though
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John Paul Jones of Zepplin does it all the time, even on his 8 and 12 string basses.
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Ah Morphine

Roger Waters also used slides with bass on some early Pink Floyd stuff. Echoes is one example.

I've tried it with a bottle neck and a pottery slide. If you are going to go that way, flats sound better with it than rounds.
Use a bone or ceramic slide. The glass and steel slides sound too bright and tinny.
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