I'm after a half decent fixed bridge guitar for metal, something cheapish as the missus would truly have my nuts in a vice if I went overboard .
I've been offered an ESP Ltd Viper 400 for £260, is that a good deal?
Been looking at SG's as well (Epiphone) but the ESP seems to get the nod for metal.
The Viper 400 seems to be discontinued so it's hard to get a true valuation.
I'm pretty sure Phil X uses one of those, not sure about the exact model, but he does use a LTD viper
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LTD's are great. I'd say go for it. I have an H1001 and the quality and sound is amazing, and I've played some of the 400 series models and the quality and sound is just as good.
Thanks for the comments, I really can't decide what to do, I already have an Ibanez with decent humbuckers so something with EMG's would be a nice alternative but aren't they a one trick pony?
The other option is a cheaper Ltd Viper with the LH150 pickups on.
Why ain't it a no brainer lol.
Well I got the Viper 400 for £250 in the end, it's been well looked after and is in very good condition, sounds amazing.