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PRS Custom 24
1 20%
Godin lg Hmb
0 0%
Fernder Telecaster FMT
4 80%
Godin Exit 22
0 0%
Voters: 5.
Hey, im wondering if i could get a little help choosing my first ever decent guitar.
Well, i prefer a deep rich tone which mahogany has to offer and the roughness of a rosewood fretboard.
id have chosen the "GODIN exit 22" if only it had a humbucker on the neck. but now iv got my eyes set on the tele fmt or the godin.

i was even considering a PRS custom 24 since it has similar features with an added bonus of a tremolo which i would love to have since im spending quite a bomb ,but couldn't decide too well because my lack of experience with custom 24's(other than the fact that it has an intonation problem with selective pieces).

Your suggestions would be of great help since this inch close battle between such beautiful guitars takes a huge toll on me

the style in which i play is a mixture of modern jazz, fusion, experimental, and the twang of blues ( tele/strat style).
im looking out for a really versatile guitar with a variety of tones and comfort as well.
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First of all: the Godin's. Both are fine guitars, but given that you want a neck humbucker, the LG would make much more sense. In my experience, Godin makes great value for money instruments, so going for the LG wouldn't be a bad decision at all. In fact, it's not necessarily inferior to the other guitars you listed, but it is a good bit less expensive.

Personally, I wouldn't go for the PRS SE. I know many people swear by them, but I've never played one I actually liked (SE, or USA for that matter). Of course - while I would generally recommend against having a different opinion than I do - you might actually end up liking them a lot. I'm almost afraid to say it, but: why don't you go to a guitar store and try one for yourself?

Out of the ones you listed, the Tele would be my pick. They're somewhat thinner than you might expect, so it's not a huge, heavy chunk of mahogany. It's a solid instrument, with a comfortable neck and it comes stock with Seymour Duncan pickups. On top of that, it's no more expensive than the PRS and looks - arguably - even better. Yes, it might not have a tremolo, but the vintage style 6-screw trem on the PRS isn't ideally suited for heavy tremolo-abuse anyway.
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Thank you so much for your opinion . i did check out a custom 24 and absolutely adored it. it fits well and is easy to play but even though i havent played a tele i'v have heard better things about it and i guess fender sold it off to me pretty well.

I am eager to hear other people's views on this. are newbie posts this deserted?
also any suggestions for an amp to go along with high versatility on a low budget?