Switching chords quickly for beginners is obviously one of the first hurdles.

I think i have noticed sometimes people playing a strum, in rhythm, between chords with open strings.

Is this alright if it sounds alright? or is it bad technique?
I'm not sure what you mean, do you mean someone strums as they're changing chord and they hit the open strings?
If ^ that is what you're talking about. It just depends. Sometimes it fits the song and sometimes it doesn't. I've used iti to kind of add an a note to a key of g song.
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Like the strumming part from House of the rising sun-

Am C D F Am in the pattern of 1 2+ 3 4 5 6

I'm finding F to Am a long shift so the last strum of F is on open strings as my fretting hand moves on to Am.
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