I really don't know much about strings and guitars, all I know is, I hate the strings on my acoustic. I believe they are nickel wound and I just absolutely hate the "scratchy" sound I get when using a pick. When finger picking it sounds decent, but I know it could be a lot better.

I have flat wound strings on my electric guitar, and they are perfect. The smooth sound and feel is what I want for my acoustic but don't know what to look for or get. This is the ideal sound I want and would appreciate any help to reach this sound.


I don't want a bright sound. The music I play is dark and the tone in the song is perfect.
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I had the best luck going to Guitar Center saying: I have this kind of guitar, and play mostly this kind of music, what do you recommend?

My focus doesn't mesh with yours so the strings I got I doubt will help.
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Try Elixers. The coating on them will smooth out the pick scratch.

Also, I've never seen nickel acoustic strings. Are you talking hollow body?

Phosphor bronze is what you want. They have brilliant highs, and nice bass. Bronze strings are more clangy. Your guitar will determine most of the tone, however.
Go to sticky "Master information thread" on front page, heaps of really good info on strings. Cheers
try flat wounds, semi flat wounds or elixers. or better yet, try all sorts of strings (giving each set a minimum of a week on your guitar) till you find the ones you like the best. btw, what kind of strings are ya currently using?
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You also might want to consider Half Round or Ground Wound strings. The outer surface is polished flat so you lose some of that "scratchi-ness" you're talking about but you get a bit more sustain but i suppose it depends on what you're looking for tonally speaking.
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OK, if your string are in fact, "nickel", then they should have a silverish color, and aren't acoustic strings at all. If they have a brass color, they're not nickle. One mystery solved.

If found these while I was shopping... http://www.musiciansfriend.com/accessories/daddario-eft16-flat-top-pb-light-acoustic-guitar-strings/100152000000000 Tthese could possibly be the answer to your problem.