Pretty straightforward thread title.

I'm seriously considering a tattoo on my upper back sometime very soon. I am however also going to be start working out somewhat regularly soon as i'm quite a slender man, and i'm wondering if weight gains of anywhere from 5-20kilos over many many years could significantly damage my tattoo?

Cheers small sons.
There's a body modification thread for tattoos and an excercise and training thread for the gaining weight.

Body modification here

and excercise here
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On the same boat here, haven't found a serious answer to that question, so I plan on getting a tattoo until I finish buffing
My mom has loads of tattoos (almost full sleeves, a back tattoo and on her legs) and she's been losing weight lately and they still look great. My dad has full sleeves and a few leg tattoos and he's been gaining weight and they all look good too. The only ones my dad has that have been damaged are the ones one his left arm that have been damaged by the sun.
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