For a project in a tech class I'm designing a website (straight coding, rather than using dream weaver). I want to create the slide-showesqe picture gallery like what you would see on Facebook if you're looking through someones pictures. Or like the image/gif galleries on Ebaumsworld. What coding is used and can someone provide a link?
you could always try using chrome or firefox to view the pages code (you might have to save the page first)

edit: that would be using right click > view page source
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you could always try using chrome or firefox to view the pages code (you might have to save the page first)

In this case you might only see the html code and a link to the used java scripts. If there is stuff done with php (Database querys, everything that is dynamic content) you wont be able to view the code.

For galleries there are a lot open source systems that work as great, just use google and you'll find tons of them.

Waht you need is php and a mysql database for storing information (title, path, discription, comments) handling the upload, resizing the image, etc. And java to make it's functionality and controls like any modern site.
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Might be javascript but I'm not sure.

It's probably gonna be pretty complicated.

Yeah most likely this. I've tried to go through the Twitter code once for fun, and it was crazy, so accordingly I expect Facebook's to be rick diculous.
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Use Dynamic Drive for premade stuff like image galleries and whatnot. With dynamic page elements, you are forced to use JavaScript. jQuery is an excellent querying JavaScript library, so I would also run through the jQuery tutorial.

Image Galleries and Viewers from DD.
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