'Evening. I own an Ibanez RG370DXL (one of these for those who don't know) which has the stock Ibanez pickups on it. I'm looking to get some new pickups and I thought this would be the best place to ask. I mainly play metal (Trivium, Slayer) and occasionally a bit of Rush and want to achieve a similar sound.

Any recommendations (preferably that I could get hold of in the UK) would be appreciated.


(If I'm in the wrong section or there is already a topic for this, please redirect me)
I would check out irongear pickups at www.axetec.co.uk

they are sold direct by the guy who makes them so you don't have wholesale and retail markups but they're easily as good as DiMarzios or SDs
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I used to have one of these, and it had a GFS Crunchy Rail in it. They are cheap, look cool, and above all, these pickups with Basswood is pure magic. That's what I recommend.
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It all depends on what tone you're looking for. quite often the best tones created are by an individual who spends time working on their sound.