Any body have a quick diagram or reference for connecting two units up using the 4cm? I have a noise gate as well as a multi fx that i want to run in the x pattern. Any help is appreciated.

MXR Noise Clamp
Thanks man, unfortunately everything i look at is for connecting 1 unit using the 4cm. Currently i know how to run either 1 or the other using this method. I know i could run the noise gate just before the return using the in and out but i want BOTH the boss AND the noise gate to be connected using the 4cm.

Maybe i am just blind and your link showed this but i just didint see it? Everything i looked at was for connecting up 1 unit using the 4cm. Thats cake. got it.. need to do 2 pedals this way. Thanks again for any help!
Guitar -> Noise gate -> GT10 In / FX Send -> Amp In / FX send -> GT10 FX Return / Out -> Amp FX Return -> Poweramp -> Cab

Or just end at the Amp FX Return if you have a combo amp.

Basically, just throw the noise gate first in the chain. That's how I'd do it anyways.
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Nah, thats just puts the noise gate in front of the multi efx. Wouldnt eliminate high gain hiss from my amp's preamp like that. Like i said looking to figure out the 4cm for BOTH effects..

I think this might work tho. Found this deep in a g sys thread(Will give it a shot in a few minutes)

Guitar -> MXR in
MXR send -> GT10 in
GT10 send -> 6505+ in
6505+ send -> MXR return
MXR out -> GT10 return
GT10 out -> 6505+ return
Friggn sweet! Dude, this is the cats meow right here!

Guitar -> TS9 In
TS9 Out-> MXR NG in
MXR NG send -> GT10 in
GT10 send -> 6505+ in
6505+ send -> MXR NG return
MXR NG out -> GT10 return
GT10 out -> EQ In
EQ Out -> 6505+ return

Imma have to go buy some more patch cables sheesh! And i thought a multi fx would "simplify" things! haha