so I'm looking at some parkers on ebay.

one is a 97 and a 98 and some newer ones.

are the active pickups in the 90's parkers decent compared to todays actives

what are the good years for the parkers? I know there is something about 2003 but any info on these would be good
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Most of the Parkers are very good, very expensive guitars. They had a budget line a while back that I can't speak to, but the Fly guitars are all first-rate...if you can afford them. The pickups are excellent, just like everything else on them. And the necks and fretboards are nothing short of spectacular. As far as I know, there has been no change in quality over the years.
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well I know parkers are great guitars. thats why i'm looking at them. but is it worth getting like a maxxfly or a p-(xx) or something with a bolt on neck instead of the once peace $2k models
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is there a good place to find more info on them other than their site and wiki?
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Whether the bolt-neck versions will strike you as being as good as the set-neck guitars is a matter of taste. Some people certainly like them, and bolt-neck guitars are exceedingly popular - just ask Fender, Ibanez, Jackson, etc.

"Worth it" is entirely subjective. There are people who would play a top-of the-line instrument from any manufacturer and say "Nah, it's not as good as my (insert name here)." I think the set-neck Parkers are superior because a huge part of the Parker guitar allure is that incredible neck.

Given your question about the Parker pickups, I have to wonder if you made the mistake of wandering over to the late Ed Roman's website. IIRC, he had a lengthy post on how the Parker stock pickups weren't good, and he (of course) was the only one to find a solution, and thanks to him the Parker is now a truly fine instrument. Mr. Roman seemed to do that with a lot of instruments - they all had some fatal flaw that he resolved and henceforth his modified versions were the only ones that "serious" guitarists would even consider purchasing. Ed was a hell of a salesman. To hear him tell it, it is amazing how many high-end guitars he saved from utter mediocrity. Gosh, where would we be without him?

Given how devoted a great many Parker owners are to their instruments, there has to be a Parker Guitar Owners website or Fan Club out there somewhere. I haven't seen it, but it simply must exist. Do a search and see what you can come up with. And if you find one and it is worthwhile, then by all means let everyone know.

If you like the Parker design, unless you have your heart absolutely set on one of the high-end models, I think you'll be happy with just about anything they offer. I've known only a few people who owned Parker guitars, but they usually said they'd never play anything else. Bolt-neck or set-neck; they're obviously doing something right.

Good luck with your guitar search!
"Maybe this world is another planet's hell?" - Aldous Huxley
The only thing I know that's changed over the years has been the pickups they use. They also have more of a range of models to what they used to.
Mine has the carbon fibre all in one design neck, I suppose it's simmilar to a neck through design, I've not played a bolt on neck model but I can tell you they are brilliant guitars.
Get one if you can.