Im thinking of putting something together. I have a body in mind. however it fits a standard 4bolt neck(ie Fender neck).

For the neck I like the style of a PRS. How its cut on the headstock.

Is there a place that would sell this?

Yes, get the specs of the scale length you plan on getting and go to warmoth and check it out

I'm sure the can come up with the neck you want if you look into the specs of it.
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Yeah I checked out Warmoth. The headstock is different. It looks like a soft wavy curve, as opposed to the sharp curve I would prefer.
If you'd be willing to pay a little more you could get Doug from Soulmate Guitars to make one to your specifications. I had a custom neck made by him and it's absolutely phenomenal.
Warmoth blank head stock + cut to the shape of your choice.
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Kona guitars has a similar design, if you can find the same bolt on neck that i found.
Fits Strat neck pocket.
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