I am looking to get a new bass and i dont know what to do... My main goal is to get a fender Jazz bass or a Gibson firebird but they are rediculously expensive... I recently discourved this http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/4-String-Electric-Bass-Guitar-Hollow-Body-Guitar-Green-/200588973157?pt=Guitar&hash=item2eb408d465

And wanted to know if any one knew anything aobut it or any other good cheap basses?
I would be dubious of any instrument that doesn't seem to have a brand. Check out Squier and Epiphone, they each do budget versions of the basses you mentioned
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They dont ship to Australia Though... and if i buy them here they are like over $1000
check local classifieds, I don't know for sure but there is like an oz bass? for people of Australia to trade, buy and sell bass stuff.
I went looking on some of the Aussie web sites and found Squier VM Jazz basses in the AU $500 range, and Yamahas in the AU $350 range. The Epi's are admittedly a bit high.



You could do a lot worse than that Yamaha, which is actually a pretty decent bass for the money.
Whoa. Cheap instruments are really THAT expensive in Australia?
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well, here in Argentina prices are like that... so yeah, it sucks.

think you work your ass off GASing for a MIA... well, we do the same for a MIM, or a squier with better pickups...
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OzBassForum Classifieds.
Crazy Bass Guy.

That CAR KSD Jazz on Crazy Bass Guy would be a great buy. Bass People (the more expensive side of Crazy Bass Guy) are going out of business so they're having a big clear out sale too.

EDIT: Allans/Billy Hyde is never a good place to buy instruments. Australia's equivalent to Guitar Centre.
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