Your playing style reminds me of van halen.. This song is in E minor I belive...I've never learned it though to be sure...

Aside from the few sour notes in the solo it is super sweet.
I really recommend focusing on learning the scales of the songs you're learning and knowing them up and down the board...Which you seem to have a pretty good grasp at for the most part. You have sweet licks already, This will solidify everything you're doing 100%.
Very nice playing. I like your showmanship flare, it's very engaging. The only things I noticed were that the first big bend of the solo sounded slightly flat to me, I might be wrong, but there were also some sour notes on your descending arpeggio. But great playing.

PS, I appreciate the fact that you post live takes. It isn't perfect, but it's you!

I like your style! Very playful, a wrong chord on 0:36 maybe? During the solos you are kinda repeating yourself technique wise, maybe you could use some different techniques? Maybe more phrasing and tasty licks over speed? Maybe that is just my preference...
Overall, great great cover! I approve

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Hey, sorry for being so late on the critique. This was really nice, I think the guitar volume coulda been turned up a tad, but other than that I really liked your performance. Your solos were great, but like it's been said, I think you repeated the techniques one too many times. None the less, keep up the good work!