So today I stumbled upon an amp, the vox Nightrain 50 watt model was wondering if this amp is any good also I was wondering if there was another good amp for the price 700$ I play blues classic rock and even a little metal what amps are good
Peavey Classic 30 with an OD pedal.

Edit: Also, a Jet City JCA5012c doesnt look like a bad amp either.
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Night Train just came up on shuffle. I felt like this was enough of a coincidence to be relevant.

And on another note: Good amps for $700? Thats the best joke I've heard all day.
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what specs is your pc? like how much ram?

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3 ram, nice

It's the amp I'm thinking of buying. It has a pretty good sound, and even at low volumes I've gotten great tones while trying it out.

The Girth channel can do some heavy tones, but don't expect a thrashy/deathmetal/core sound. It's ideal for Sabbath, or at least I find it is. Maybe with an OD pedal you might be able to pull off heavier sounds.
The bright channel can be set to a nice warm bluesy sound to a really clean, sparkly tone. I also find it reacted well with the guitar volume and tone nobs (I think I was using an entry level Gaudin)

It's worth a try, but don't buy blindly on the internet. Find it at a local shop and try for yourself. I've heard many mixed reviews from friends. I love it, but some hate it.
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And on another note: Good amps for $700? Thats the best joke I've heard all day.

Not sure if.................well, not sure of a lot of things.

The Night Train isn't a bad amp, but for the money you could get something a bit better suited to your needs. A Peavey Classic or something Jet City could be great.
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