I've been looking around on CL for some used cabs and I wanted opinions on what to get. Budget is $500 so i'm pretty much only looking used and I came across these:

http://columbiamo.craigslist.org/msg/2788425055.html - Marshall 1960 Lead

http://columbiamo.craigslist.org/msg/2848805244.html - Mesa/Boogie 4x12

http://columbiamo.craigslist.org/msg/2837818522.html - Soldano 4x12 with V30s

Condition doesn't really matter to me as long as it works. I've heard good things about the 1960 cabinets, and heard great things about the mesa ones, but I don't know about the whole open top/closed bottom. And I don't know a thing about the Soldano cabinets but I have heard the name before.

My band plays in drop B deathcore kinda crap,
but when i'm at home I play hardcore/metalcore stuff.
So i'd need something that wouldn't turn my amp
into a one trick pony, if you know what I mean.

Either way i'd appreciate some ideas on what would be best. Thanks.

Edit: *facepalm* I posted in the wrong forum. Someone report this for a move please? lol
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You can always build one, its the right forum for that. I am waiting for parts for I cab that I am building, that is only costing me just over $300. So in reality its not a bad option if you have the room
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really all a cab is is a sealed particle board box with an aperture and a vent with some speakers in it. shouldn't be too hard to throw one together