So this is a piece I was writing for composition class.
Vocals are still on the way, If I add them at all (need opinions here)

So pretty much what do you guys think?

Will Crit for Crit.
Roots midi.mid
I'm definitely using 5.2. Your gp4 didn't work either. =/

EDIT: I'm having no problem opening anybody else files. Don't know what it could be.
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I did this on a mac, but the files should be compatible? I know they work from PC - Mac.

You could just listen to the midi.
But just in case heres them zipped. Theres an XML too if that works.
None of the Gp-files works.

Pretty interesting intro, but I don't really like the drums at part where they act all "blasty". They're in my face and I find them a tad bit annoying. Other than that it's pretty good, it doesn't really get boring.

The next part, I do like however. It's somewhat groovy and "harmonic minor"-ish or something. And then it seems to go into the intro again? The drums are much better here however. I like that you seem to give the bass some form of individuality with it's little fills here and there.

The next part is nice where it starts out with only drums, bass and the atmospheric synth.

Nothing wrong with the next part, doesn't really cath my ear as much though. Also, you should somehow transition better into the fade. I don't know how, maybe a long drum fill so you know somethings about to happen.

The piano part is nice.

Overall it's pretty nice, however not normally the music I listen to.
Digging the neoclassical bass intro, even more when the piano enters. The first guitar riff seem really spastic and all over the place, digging them. Liking the drum changes, but I find the fact you use the 2 snares weird lol. The riff at 1:10 is pretty nice, lol'd at the cowbell at 1:15, the riff over it is also pretty cool. Reintro, doesn't feel forced. The transition at 1:40 is bad to the ass. Return to the third and fourth riff if I'm not mistaken, doesn't feel forced. Return to the first couple riffs. You used the bad ass transition again, still flowed nicely. Digging the guitarless section, but maybe the bass could do something more interesting? Transition at 3:08 sound weird. Nice use of odd time sigs, doesn't feel forced, and nice bass line. At 3:44 the neoclassical piano solo sounds awesome, no complaints here. And then it ends with some sweet piano chords.
Overall, it's nice, but the structure feels kind of weird, maybe that could be fixed with vocals? I'd give it a 8/10.
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At approximately 0:30 the drums seem to use the 38 snare but blast with the 40 snare, that's what I'm talking about.
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I'm cockblocked regularly by my appearance and personality.