Hey, folks-

I'm looking for a tremolo pedal that will give me that solid, square wave chop. Think Green Day's "Boulevard of Broken Dreams", that kind of thing. I'd like a wide speed range, and tap tempo would be fantastic. I also want the volume to cut out completely on the bottom of the wave. I don't need it to do the vintage thing, because my main amp is a vintage Fender with a vibrato circuit.

Any suggestions? Simplicity of use is preferable, though not a necessity. The tap tempo is also not a necessity, though it could be the selling/breaking point. Like all semi-professional musicians, I'm on a budget. Thanks.
Seymour Duncan Shape Shifter should work (I think?)
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Can't remember the tune, but the boss tr-2 is pretty sweet. You can get a super square wave that cuts all the way out and can go as fast or as slow as you'll ever need. Should be under $100, especially used.
voodoo lab four knob tremolo. can find easily for less than $75. it has a shape knob that allows you go for quite a bit of vatience in the shape of the line.
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Do they make the Seymour Duncan anymore? I can't find it anywhere new, and they seem extremely scarce used.
empress tremolo does the chop better than any i've played.