The song is called Homeless on my profile. It's just the raw takes with some minor mixing; I know they did put a plugin on my voice. I'm getting it mixed for real once I get the session. But anyways, like I said, that's pretty much just my plain voice with some minor doctoring. I'm pretty unsatisfied with it. I simply can't figure out how to get some real energy/emotion into it. While singing I was really into it, really letting myself forget where I was and singing as heartfelt as I could. Now when I listen to it it just sounds like I wasn't hardly trying.
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Honestly, your voice doesn't sound bad. Two things to work on though is vocal pitch and adding a bit of vocal grit. Sing along to scales and make sure you're hitting the notes. You're slightly pitchy here and there, but your tone is good. Now, if you learn to use grit, you can put more emotion into your singing as well, grit allows you to sound angrier or more passionate about something you're singing about and you can always roll it off when you're doing more compassionate or soft.
Yeah, there are some minor pitch issues.

You're also doing something really common: you're doing a lot of work on the surface levels of the singing - a lot or warbling and sliding around. But I suspect you haven't worked on your fundamentals: breathing, articulation, timing, precisely hitting your notes.

It's not as fun, as eveyrbody wants to be all slidey and throaty, but you really need to spend some time working on those fundamentals FIRST.

I can hear you straining to put energy on it, which is the EXACT WRONG THING. The energy of your voice comes from your diaphram. It's like trying to build a house on a shoddy foundation: no matter how much work you put into the house itself, the walls will begin to crack, the roof will leak, the windows won't stay square ... because the foundation isn't there.

So if you want my advice you'd go take some singing lessons and really build on up that foundation. It's going to take some time of sounding like a less interesting singer than you want to sound - because you step away from the emotional content a bit to work on technical stuff - and then you get it down and you come back to this style and you have a lot more power and accuracy.