Just found this description of a song on a radio station's forum:

"The only lyrics I can remember were ' she set my mind on fire' and at this point in the film clip the band members heads catch fire. The band were a 3 piece,. very 60s punkish/psychadelic/stooges type foot stomper. I remember the lead singer, the bass player, was particularly unattractive. shoulder length greasy hair and the traditional 'English' smile.
They were wearing paisley shirts I think and I vaguely remeber them performing the song in a church."

Does anyone know what the song might be?
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I think it's Stairway to Heaven

No, I think it's Freebird.
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Also worthwhile noting that the song was from the 90s sometime.

Of course it was.
its mmmmmmbop.
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its mmmmmmbop.

It actually is mmmmmmbop by Hansen TS. You're welcome.
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