What do you guys think about this? If it was one of your friends, would you try to stop them from doing this? Or do you think, in this situation, she had a right to do so? Personally, I think it's all personal opinion. I wouldn't agree with it, but if it's something they think they have to do, I wouldn't try to stop them.


Szymanski, 31, broke her neck diving into a shallow swimming pool in June, 2005.

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Had a friend in high school who had an eating disorder. She would openly not eat for days. She'd tell me how bad her stomach hurt and I'd ask her what she's had to eat today, she'd reply with, "I had like 5 carrots for lunch..." Meanwhile she's on the track team and runs every day.
She also started cutting and used her abusive boyfriend as an excuse to start abusing alcohol.
I don't talk to her any more.

When I think of girls with eating disorders, I think of this.
I have no sympathy.

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People have some messed up stuff going on inside their heads... Hunger is one of the worst feelings. I couldn't willingly starve myself like that. **** that.

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If she was of sane mind and actually wanted to die, then who the fuck is anyone else to stop her? Its a damned shame that she had to starve herself to end it, though.

I applaud her conviction and hope she found/finds peace.

Edit: @King Of Suede: She didn't have an eating disorder. She was quadriplegic and suffering through life.
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People have some messed up stuff going on inside their heads... Hunger is one of the worst feelings. I couldn't willingly starve myself like that. **** that.

Is the pain of hunger from your stomach or your head? If you're paralyzed from the neck down (I read the article ten minutes ago and can't remember if she was or not. If not smd) do you still feel pain or anything from things below the neck?
I'd get murdered for being too cranky and snappy before I'd die of starvation.

One of my friends used to eat practically nothing though, now she stuffs herself and stays thin. No idea what happened.
Aw that's horrible. I hope she didn't have to suffer that bad. I'd rather get shot to death than starve to death.
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