For fans of: Sonata Arctica, Epica, Dream Theater, Hate Eternal, the Black Dahlia Murder.

Musically, we play progressive power metal with dual vocals. Conceptually, our new album Embrace the Horror is a series of different armageddon scenarios, like the earth exploding from the core, a zombie plague, the world flooding and sharks becoming the dominant species.

You can hear our music here: www.invirtue.bandcamp.com

Our official website is www.invirtue.net
Facebook: www.facebook.com/invirtue

Please let me hear your comments!
First, and most importantly, the idea of the planet flooding and sharks becoming the dominant species is just about the best concept ever for a song.

Its not bad. My only gripe is that the female vocals seem a little lackluster. They give off "non my maximum effort" vibe. There could be more power there. Other than that, its some pretty solid death-y power metal.