I have a simple question, but it could make or break a gig I reckon. We have synths that need to plug in to the PA. Will our 20ft cables suffice for this? I've never plugged into the PA before, or even seriously gigged really. Do you typically plug in right on stage, or is it more difficult than that? I'm sure anyone who has done much gigging will laugh at how easy this question is, but I have no idea :P I'm worried we'll show up to a gig, and be unable to plug in the synths. If anyone can help, thanks a ton.
If you're using your own PA, plug in. If you're using the venue's PA, they'll plug you in. Simple.
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why wouldnt your giant cable work?

If the place you plug in is across the room or something crazy. My only real experience with a PA besides our one for rehearsal was at a theater where they ran all the mic cables along the walls to the back of the theater, and into the mixer there. IDK if this is typical, or if they were crazy/cheap.

Just judging from the replies already, it seems like they were indeed just crazy, and it will be no problem to plug in. Thanks!
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If the venue cares about their sound gear (and they should), there should be someone available to give you specific directions on where they want you.

In general, save pre-amped mic channels for mics, and line channels for stuff like synths or multi fx boxes. Turn your master volume on the synth all the way down, mixer channel all the way down, and plug your cable from synth out to mixer in (I'll assume you will use a 1/4 mono cable). Then you can bring your synth output volume up as the mixer channel volume is brought up. If your output connection is xlr or TRS, definitely work with the venue's sound guy. XLR outs can go right to the mixer mic channels, but there is usually a mic preamp gain as well as a channel volume you have to be mindful of.

Just remember to start with everything turned all the way down when you hook up, and you'll be most of the way there.

If the venue's mixer is in a remote location, you might be plugging into a multi jack box for a snake. Once again, your venu should give you guidance if they care about their investment.

Also, check you synth user manual. Most manuals will have a variety of sound setup diagrams and advice.
If someone professional is running the PA then they will have all the spare leads you need. If it is a PA in a bar or another bands PA then you need to talk to them ideally. In any case I always take all my spare leads with me when I gig especially when other bands are involved because leads always break at the wrong momen and you never know what to expect at a gig until you get there.
The synths will plug into a DI box. Any half-way competent and prepared person running sound will have a couple ready to go.

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